Storage and Shredding

Store Smart, Unleash Space

Storage Options

Of course storing your documents offsite saves space and reduces clutter, but is there a best way to do it? We’ll examine a few options and their Pros and Cons here. 

First up is self storage. This could mean storage at a sister office, personal building, or a storage unit. These may be a good option for those who don’t need access to their records very often and don’t have a great deal of sensitive or personal information. 

  • Pros: Cost is minimal. 
  • Cons:  Data security is put at great risk in some of these areas. Because the documents are not on-site, someone will need to travel to obtain needed files. 
Next up is Private storage with a company like Direct Scanning. We offer short and long term storage at our facility. This may be a good option for those who want to maximize security and document access while freeing up space in their current office.
  • Pros: Data security is greatly increased. Access improves through file requests which can be made at any time to the holder who can then pull and send files on an as-needed basis. Documents can be disposed of by holder when they are no longer needed, or scanned when the customer is ready. 
  • Cons:  Short term cost is higher.
We believe there is a 3rd choice that is better then either of these – Scanning! Scanned documents are instantly searchable at any time, from any computer with access, are text searchable, and cost little to nothing to store indefinitely. Of course we realize this option will not be a fit for everyone which is why we offer storage only service on a per box, per month basis at very affordable rates. 

Destruction - The End of The Line

Our shredding process is second to none. Here are more details regarding that process specifically:

  • Notice: Your scanning expert will notify you one week prior to destruction date. 
  • Monitored destruction: We actively watch your paper get destroyed. No 3rd parties.
  • All destroyed documents are recycled! We care about the environment. 
  • Efficiency: we do all the work while ensuring ALL documents are properly disposed of. 
  • P-4 level destruction. All shredded documents are then liquified during recycling.
  • We provide a Certificate of Destruction acknowledging your documents were safely shredded.