About Us

True Story

Direct Scanning LLC

When my partner and I started this business, we didn’t know what an adventure we were in for. Over the course of ten years we had another partner come and go, switched facilities 3 times, and had the chance to work with great individuals from various industries. I would never have thought Document Scanning could be tied to the word “adventure”, but here we are.

One of our very first projects in 2013 was a small Chiropractic office about an hour outside of Atlanta. One of the owners actually went on that pickup and he remembered talking with the doctors when he got on site. He really enjoying the chance to hear about what they were doing and how we were helping them. Seeing how much time and money they were saving by getting all of their files digitized was visible proof that there was worthwhile work to be done here. Even after the job was finished we kept in touch occasionally and have not forgotten them to this day. 

When we started growing we moved into a space that held enough offices and warehouse space for us to grow into. We hired new staff, refined our processes, and enjoyed working with new clients on a regular basis. Then COVID came and slowed us down a good bit, but it was a great learning experience! How many businesses can say they’ve made it through a pandemic? Because we had good relationships, we were able to modify our business plan and keep right on going. In hindsight COVID may have been the best thing that could have happened to us. It allowed us to take a more focused approach that fit our goals and company culture with a stronger, smarter, more loyal team than ever before. 

Now that COVID is over, things are in full swing again with a different outlook. We still seek out the opportunity to save people time and money of course, but now we can spend time building the business not only for ourselves, but for our staff as well. They have been every bit as loyal to us as our customers and we’re happy to be able to offer them a “forever” home here at Direct Scanning. In a nutshell, it all works out exactly the way it should, and we’re thankful.