Security is Built in

Data security requires both constant implementation and improvement. As methods change at the speed of technology, Direct Scanning is regularly tracking and updating our internal policies. Here are some of the ways we protect your private data:

  • Connected or non-connected (zero internet exposure) scanning
  • Multiple Secure Delivery Methods Including Encrypted Cloud Access And/Or Encrypted Physical Drive
  • We use AES 256 Bit Encryption For All Files At Rest And TLS 1.2 Encryption For All Files In Transit
  • Ongoing Employee Training in HIPAA, FERPA And Company Policy Compliance, etc Including Periodic Review
  • A True Controlled Chain Of Custody – Our Trained Staff Will Maintain Physical Control Of Your Documents, Start To Finish
  • A Detailed Data Breach Response Policy
  • Our Facility is Non-Public Access And Is Alarmed, Sprinklered, And Monitored 24/7.

Ready To Get Started?

Choose Direct Scanning for unrivaled data security and peace of mind. With our comprehensive approach to protecting your private information, including robust encryption, secure delivery methods, ongoing employee training, and a controlled chain of custody, we prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of your documents and data. Our commitment to data security extends throughout a highly secure facility. Trust us to handle your data with the utmost care and professionalism, and experience the convenience and assurance of digitizing your documents with Direct Scanning. Please don’t hesitate to ask your Scanning Expert and questions you may have about security and they will be happy to assist you. Any and all security needs will also be discussed in detail as part of your Intake Phase. Click one of the buttons below to learn more.