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Welcome To Direct

Providing Bulk Document Digitization Services for Businesses, Governments, Universities, And More. 

Welcome To Direct

Providing Bulk Document Digitization Services for Businesses, Governments, Universities, And More. 

All Method, No Madness

Our Process

Experience Matters: With over a decade of providing document services, we’ve honed our expertise in digitization. When you choose Direct Scanning, you’re benefiting from a wealth of experience and the specific methods we’ve developed for each step of the process.

Attention to Detail: We understand the importance of delving into the details. By asking the right questions and knowing exactly what to look for, we ensure that your digitization journey is smooth and hassle-free. Our meticulous approach guarantees a better experience for you.

Going the Extra Mile: We’re committed to your success. We always go the extra mile to ensure that your project is handled with utmost care and dedication. Your success is our success, and we’re determined to help you achieve it.

Focus on Your Business: By partnering with us for your digitization needs, you can redirect your time and energy towards other aspects of your business. Rest assured that your project will be handled with the highest level of professionalism, effective communication, and unwavering value. 

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Document Scanning/ Digitization

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Storage and Shredding

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Additional Services

From Boxing To Drawings, We Cover All The Bases

Our Partners

Rodney Byrd

Chief Human resources Officer

Direct Scanning has been an asset to me, our faculty, and out students. They were easy to work with and were able to provide exceptional quality while saving us thousands of dollars over the other quotes we got.

Mila Zapukhliak

Development Operations Manager

I so appreciate the updates and communication. In the past I had to stay on top of things myself with projects like this. The work was completed to my specifications and on time as promised. 

Chandler Pittman

director of operations

After speaking with several companies, it was clear that Direct Scanning had the best value. Their staff packed boxes from our shelving without disturbing our work. The process was professional from start to finish. We will definitely use them again. 

Security Starts at the First Meeting

Protecting Your Information

At Direct Scanning, we prioritize the protection of your data and privacy. Our operations are designed with stringent security measures in place to provide you with peace of mind. We employ military-grade encryption and conduct thorough background checks on our staff, ensuring that your information remains secure at all times.

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Who We Are

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