Our cost averages $99 per box.

Prices for large scanning projects can be tailored to your specific needs.

Our Prices include the following services:

1. Pickup documents

2. Prepare documents for imaging

3. Image documents

4. Deliver images on flash or portable hard-drive

5. Shred documents

When evaluating document scanning, which encourage clients to review the added extra cost most vendors will charge for these additional services, we include them at our already low price.

By relentless focus on streamlining our operations processing we are able to provide you with the lowest price in the marketplace. Our intent is to not only be the lowest cost service provider, but also be at a price-point whereby it makes financial sense for all businesses to digitize their documents.

We also price our services at a box charge, allowing our clients to have a clear, no-surprise understanding of what their digital conversion will cost them. Many competitors charge a per page price, which is we feel is too ambiguous for our clients to budget. It’s also extremely difficult for any client to verify the page counts without undertaking a cumbersome process. (Please note that our approximate cost per page is based on an average of 3000-3500 pages per box).

Also note that our Document Scanning Pricing includes ALL of the following services listed under Process. When evaluating document scanning vendors, please review the added extra cost most vendors will charge for these additional services. We include them at our already low prices.