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Blueprints are a vital component in many industries. They are used in the design, construction, and maintenance of architecture, engineering, and development projects. However, dealing with these large-format technical drawings can be a challenge when it comes to digitization.

While many organizations will work from digital masters during the design process, there is still a need to digitize paper blueprints. This can be done to capture physical revisions and comments or to develop a lasting digital copy of existing physical blueprints.

No matter what your particular need for large-format scanning is, Direct Scanning can help you with our blueprint scanning services. We have the equipment, knowledge, and defined processes to deliver quality digitization at affordable prices while maintaining confidentiality and security.

Our Large-Format Scanning Equipment

When it comes time to scan blueprints to PDF, the most significant challenge is the size of the documents in question. Blueprints can range widely in size and are generally much larger than standard documents. This makes most retailers like office solution providers unable to provide the services you need.

Direct Scanning has the specific large-format scanning equipment required to handle blueprints of all sizes. This equipment makes it possible to digitize documents that would have required extensive and ineffective workarounds in other cases.

Not only are our blueprint scanning services available for documents of all sizes, but they also provide exceptional quality. The high-resolution optics provided by our advanced equipment creates sharp and clear scans that capture the important detail of your original paper documents.

If you’re searching for “blueprint scanning services near me,” then you’ve found the right solution. Direct Scanning can handle all of your large-format document scanning needs, whether it’s for blueprints, architectural drawings, maps, or anything else.

Our Blueprint Scanning Process

Direct Scanning makes blueprint scanning services easy for any organization to access with our straightforward process. We strive to deliver convenience, speed, and the best possible experience when you need to scan blueprints to PDF.

First, we pick up your blueprints or other large-format documents that need scanning. We provide a variety of solutions depending on the nature and number of documents that you require digitization for. We can discuss your indexing needs and other details to ensure that the end result is provided in a format that best suits your business.

Our team then processes your documents. We carry out the necessary preparation of your documents, including removing staples and other required preparatory work. We then scan your large-format documents on both sides with our large-format scanning equipment and index the scans accordingly.

Depending on your needs, we then carry out file organization or database construction. We can provide a variety of database services depending on the scale and frequency of your blueprint scanning needs.

Once scanned and indexed, your blueprint files are delivered to you through a method of your choice. This can include physical delivery on a flash drive or hard drive as needed. We also provide AES 256-bit encrypted digital delivery for both convenience and security.

With our blueprint scanning services complete, we then handle the physical documents. They can be returned if needed, securely shredded for confidentiality, or housed at our organization’s storage for a monthly storage fee.

From start to finish, your blueprints are handled professionally and securely by trained experts. Direct Scanning provides the best in quality, convenience, and confidentiality when handling your large-format documents.

Why Choose Blueprint Scanning?

Blueprint scanning services provide a number of key benefits that could make working with your documents much easier. By choosing to scan blueprints to PDF, you’re creating a record that can be stored securely in case of any damage to the physical copy.

Once your blueprints or other large-format documents have been digitized, they’re much easier to manage. You can share them as needed to facilitate collaboration with individuals at other offices, third-party contractors, or the increasing number of employees working from home.

Digitization can also greatly improve the accuracy and effectiveness of proper version tracking. As changes are made to documents, it’s essential to the design process that these changes propagate through to the final version. Maintaining a verifiable digital record of all versions provides organizations with a way to track and monitor project progression.

If you’re dealing with a large number of documents, the additional database services provided by Direct Scanning can further improve your workflow and efficiency. Simply saving large numbers of files isn’t effective. To prevent restrictions to workflows, you need an effective data management and organization strategy.

Direct Scanning also provides optical character recognition through our scanning technology. This means that your PDF blueprints aren’t going to be simple image files but will have text elements recognized and accessible. You’ll be able to search for specific text just like if the document were originally created digitally, potentially saving you a lot of time searching through those documents.

Large-Format Scanning Turn-Around and Pricing

The process for large-format scanning is generally different than it is for letter or legal scanning. It involves more skilled document handling, with less of the heavy lifting being done by the equipment. Because documents vary widely in size, each must be handled individually to ensure proper scan quality. We charge a flat-rate for any size of large-format scanning.

Due to the specialized nature of the equipment used in large-format scanning, a general turn-around window can be difficult to establish. Workloads can vary, and individual jobs can affect scheduling.

However, at Direct Scanning, we will be able to provide you with a turn-around time when discussing your specific needs. We provide accurate estimates for when your job will be complete so that you can plan your projects accordingly.

Maintaining Document Security

One of the most important aspects to consider when any organization asks, “Where can I find blueprint scanning near me?” is document security. Depending on the nature of your business, confidentiality can be incredibly important. You don’t want proprietary design work released to the public where your competitors can find it.

Direct Scanning maintains a strict chain of custody to provide the highest level of document security for your large-format documents. We don’t work with third parties to complete the scanning process; everything is done in-house by our trained professionals.

Within our facilities, your documents are secure and protected against any outside access. Direct Scanning maintains control of your physical documents and digitized copies at all times.
While generally not a specific issue for blueprints and other large-format documents, we ensure document confidentiality to the level required by HIPAA for personal medical information. Our staff is highly trained in document privacy and security.

The delivery of your digitized documents is also incredibly secure. We provide AES 256-bit encrypted digital delivery as one of our delivery options, the same level of data encryption used by banks and other critical applications.

Document Storage and Shredding

Direct Scanning provides an extensive range of scanning services. For many industries, document destruction is carried out after digitization instead of returning the physical documents. When the physical copy is no longer required, Direct Scanning provides secure document destruction.

We follow the necessary document destruction standards to ensure privacy and confidentiality are maintained. We will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction showing that your documents have been destroyed through a certified, supervised process.

Direct Scanning can also store documents for some time after digitization. Storage is available on a monthly basis in our specialized storage facility. There, documents are kept in climate-controlled conditions in a clean and secure building. Your documents can be returned to you or securely destroyed at your request.

Get a Quote for Your Large-Format Document Scanning

Are you in need of blueprint scanning or scanning services for other large-format documents? Whether you have many or even just one, you can reach out to Direct Scanning to find out what your options are. We can provide you with a quote and an estimate of the turn-around time on your order.

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